Splatto’s Iron Sights: 2 Psychos delivers action film nostalgia

Richard C. Meyer’s second issue of Iron Sights at times feels like The Transporter 2 and other times, feels like watching old time action flicks.

Each character is touched on briefly, but reaches a full story arc by the end by successfully blending the storylines in a satisfying way. Seeing the Mexican journalist acting as a whistleblower to leak the information of everyone tied to Cartels, to seeing how Harm and Ramadi met; each segment delivered something new and satisfying that felt like I was reading an old action film script, while adding military lingo from Meyer’s time serving our country.

Some of his best work in this issue came from seeing how Ramadi changed over time, to seeing how the journalist fights off cartel members or Esme getting bullet stopping implants. Each moment felt important, while giving us unique enough characters that the interactions become enjoyable.

Seeing the Dad that watches soap operas, as the son comes home to see his dad has murdered cartel members from his chair was humorous. I loved the reaction and picturing what went on.

Another great aspect of this issue was every moment with Harm. A lot of time Harm reminded me of someone like Terry Crews in Expendables or The Rock in the Fast & Furious franchise. Harm is a badass that’s smart, intimidating and a powerhouse. His mannerisms and use of writing “Pendejo” in bullets was funny and made him one of my favorite elements of this franchise.

With more and more books coming from Splatto at a faster capacity, their franchises are getting better and better and I can’t wait for issue 3 of Iron Sights to come out.

From the old, stylized art to stories and characters that reminded me of some of my favorite action stars, this was one of my favorite crowdfunded series so far. I love how everything works together and Meyer maintains a short, concise issue that finishes within itself without giving us a larger cliffhanger.

While there are still some elements that Meyer can continue the series with going forward, everything that was delivered within this issue was enough to make me a continued fan of this franchise.

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