More villains and more canon in Harley Quinn (S2E7)

As the show passes the halfway point, the season that’s focused on Ivy’s relationship and Harley’s fight with the Injustice League took a turn as we reach the more recent canonical interpretation of the characters.

Upon her initial inception by Paul Dini, Harley Quinn’s relationship involved the clearly defined friendship between the two characters. Since then, creators like Tom Taylor began to change the dynamic and changed the relationship from friendship to love interests.

Due to this change it’s now become canonical in most modern comics that the two are no longer just friends and in fact love interests of each other.

With a season focused on the rare relationship between Ivy and Kite Man, the showrunners decision to throw in the canonical relationship will make for a dramatical turn of events, when mirrored with the initial plan of Ivy’s marriage to Kite Man.

Another massive development that’ll impact this series is what looked like the death of Bane by the end of the episode, and the arrest of Two-Face.

Since the two villains were all that remained from Harley’s character arc this season, it looks that the larger focus of the last half of this season will focus on the kiss and impact Ivy and Harley’s relationship will have going forward.

Having the canonical relationship take effect during a show whose season focus involved marrying Kite Man, we’ll now get more episodes that deal with the fall out and growth of what’s to come between the two.

Being able to showcase the growth in both character and story arcs, this episode was a return to form for the show as a whole.

We’re able to even see more villains get the satire treatment, with a large focus on Killer Croc and Victor Szasz during half the episode.

Seeing Croc painting art of crocodiles tearing peoples limbs off to their take on Zsasz and how he interprets his marks were some of the highlights of this episode.

Another highlight was the sequences with Gordon and Barbara. Seeing Gordon’s alcoholism get the better of him as he falls in the sewers to him drowning his food and drinks in mayonnaise was humorous. all leading up to the montage of quitting drinking and Gordon becoming his old self as he takes down Two-Face.

With the shifting focus to the kiss for the last half, I’ve appreciated the culmination of Gordon and Batgirls character arcs respectively. The show has made them some of the most fun when involved, so I can’t wait to see how they treat Harley and Ivy going forward when the crew learns about what happened.

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