Sonja Returns with a Vengeance (Issue 15)

After the return of comics into shops nationwide, Dynamite and Mark Russel return with the 15th issue of the ongoing run of Red Sonja and deliver both action, large story progression and some beautiful panels from Bob Q.

Bob’s opening shot of Khitai was the start to one of my favorite installments of this series. Seeing the wide angle shot from below, so we can see the size of Khitai’s kingdom atop the cliff was a beautiful piece of scenery and scene setting as we return to Sonja’s story.

Another great aspect of Q’s art was the battle on the bridge, showcasing the size and scope of Sonja’s past fight, which held relevancy to the surprise ending to this issue.

Seeing the wide angle shots that Q had within this issue were by far my favorites from him as the artist for this series so far, but there were some medium and closer shots that were also well composed.

Watching the assassins in the courtroom as the eyeball Sonja to seeing her fight scenarios at different points in the story really stood out to me.

Another great aspect was the coloration and faded colors to symbolize the flashbacks, while the modern scenery of Khitai was bright and vibrant on the buildings and nature.

These various segments helped to illustrate some of my favorite color pallets for this series thus far.

From the colors to the art, this issue was one of the stronger issues for Russel and teams run.

Russel even managed to add a lot more plot elements that made for some of the stronger aspects of this issue, while dropping in hints at potential outcomes.

Seeing Sonja’s decision from the previous installment to some of the impacts and mentality of various players in this current arc, brought about one of the strongest issues.

Sonja’s decision to do what helps her people, while relinquishing power to her trusted allies, leads me to believe that the King Killer will be working towards overthrowing Khitai’s king.

We also see that she has people who control militant members that have some similar ideas to her. This could very well become a Game of Thrones style arc with an uprising to kill the king, followed by Sonja’s rule of Khitai as Queen, with loyal rulers in neighboring kingdoms.

Should things pan out this way, with the hints that Russel dropped, this’ll become one of the strongest culminating arcs in his run on Sonja.

Watching how the story unfolds, Sonja’s return has been one of the strongest showings for the Russel era of Sonja.

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