Vampirella gears up for war in Vengeance #7

Sniegoski’s Vengeance of Vampirella series starts off with flashback moments and runs at a fast rate, with Vampirella already beating Nyx’s second in command, Hemorrhage. This results in what could’ve been a quick series as the last issue before shops shut down was a flashback issue.

However, the seventh issue from Sniegoski proves that we’re not close to the end yet as Nyx and Vampirela begin new story arcs. With the return of the sun, Vampirella is now on the hunt to bring back old friends as her and Pendragon travel to resurrect the Danse Macabre.

During this story arc, we see Vampirella still at odds with her more animalistic instincts as she seeks peace within herself. Unfortunately, her loss of control almost costs Pendragon his life as she randomly lashes out from a nightmare.

Later on, Sniegoski showcases an old, somewhat decrepit house full of traps for the two heroes. The following sequences feature some of the better art in this issue as Sta. Maria is able to showcase Vampirella breaking down a door, or curtains exploding and Vampi falling down a trap door. All of these moments added more depth to what was going on, compared to the moments talking to Pendragon that felt more stiff; relying more on the imagery displayed by Passion to add to the depth of each panel.

Meanwhile, Nyx has her own story arc that added to her character’s stubbornness and power-hungry nature. Through the use of former allies, we see Nyx plot, not only the downfall of Vampi, but the takeover of her superiors as well.

Using the anger her superiors have towards her and the loyalty of other factions, Nyx creates a situation where her followers kill demons that were sent to report back to Nyx’s superiors and act as the eyes and ears. This structure allows for Nyx’s character to go from incompetent when facing Vampi, to someone who stops at nothing to obtain and retain power as she slaughters what was once considered her allies and works to become someone that answers only to herself.

Watching this transformation begin to unfold after Nyx had been thrown against a wall and talked down to for her shortcomings, allows for us to build upon the resurgence of her character, due to her inability to notice Vampi killing the loyalists that stopped the sun from appearing.

Going forward, the series strength will be from how it depicts its female centric heroes and villains and strengthens them in time for a rematch. We’ll be able to see Vampi eventually come to turns and accept and control her animalistic nature. We’ll also see Nyx become a better strategist and use her allies and wit to better outsmart Vampi. Seeing how these two characters build up on either end of the spectrum will make for a stronger story.

Where this series could falter is if the build up and fall becomes too sudden, like the defeat of Hemorrhage and the return of the sun. Shortly after being resurrected, it didn’t take long for Vampi to beat a strong enemy and thwart a large part of Nyx’s plans. If Sniegoski and team can continue to craft these character arcs in a way that add enough depth before the final encounter, then this’ll become that much stronger of a story.

This issue was another step in the right direction and I can’t wait to see what the team has for us in the next issue.

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