Harley continues to surprise despite drawn out story arc

As Harley Quinn S2 reaches its finish line, the series still manages to surprise with the return of a character who we never saw die during the S1 finale.

This leads us to believe that the series may still have other surprises throughout the ongoing drama that is the eventual Harley and Ivy wedding.

Using a larger focus on Kite-Man and Ivy, due to the conclusion of previous arcs in this season, we’ve started to see a standard storyline become overdone.

Harley and Ivy’s kiss was a clear precursor to the story plans for this season’s finale. Setting up the immediate wedding plans also signaled red flags early on that something will stop the wedding and make it difficult.

Condiment King and Kite Man’s parents didn’t deter Ivy, so Harley was the showrunners next choice, leading to a clear outcome.

Within the previous episodes, the show has relied on a will they/won’t they approach, delivering occasional laughs, with an overall lackluster final half of what was one of their stronger seasons.

In the latest episode, we did get strong jokes about Themyscira and the return of Catwoman and Ms. Freeze. This led to some fun jokes, but an overall lackluster use of characters. Instead, we got the forced joke about the Cob Squad that falls flat, and characters not being used to their strengths.

In recent modern comics, Ms. Freeze does get resurrected and become a villain who replaces Mr. Freeze. The show could play to that strength and find a better niche for her to fulfill.

Another aspect that this episode failed to add upon was Catwoman’s character. In her first appearance, Catwoman is a confident, self-interested thief. Her character gets Ivy to seek acceptance and make bad decisions. During this episode however, Catwoman does very little, and the writers focus more on Ivy and Harley’s feelings towards each other and sleeping together on multiple occasions. This leads to what was one of the missed opportunities of the episode.

Without Dr. Psycho, the bachelor party also falters as we see a larger focus on King Shark, while the other male characters are sidelined.

Writers largest strength from this isolated arc was the Disney joke. The writers parody of Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid was one of the funniest moments in the episode. While the joke loses its charm after awhile, the unexpected nature of it in the episode, lends itself to one of the shows strengths.

Overall, the lack of using characters to their strengths or making stronger characters for ongoing arcs or jokes, this episode wasn’t as strong as the writers could’ve done.

If Harley Quinn wants to end S2 on a high note, the series will have to pull more unexpected jokes and character appearances, while playing to the strengths of more than their laser focus on Harley and Ivy doing a will they/won’t they fling that’ll most likely end in Kite Man not being the groom and Harley taking the spot to marry Ivy.

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