Malevolent Decimation is the most beautiful installment

Lady Death’s latest installment was one of the darkest and sexiest issues in the installment, as Diego Bernard and Ceci De La Cruz deliver one of the most beautiful issues in this series to date.

Diego’s panels and Ceci’s colors felt more realistic than previous installments. Using a close up shot of Lady Death grinning to watching the weapons break against her skin. Each panel felt more authentic than previous installments as both Ceci and Diego have created some of their best work since their initial involvement in Coffin Comics flagship series.

Every scene with Lady Death and the newest demon villain felt more impactful than the La Muerta cameo.

While I love the crossover of characters, La Muerta felt the most out of place in this issue. We see Lady Death killing people around the world as she seeks out Johnny, but in turn, La Muerta’s only reason to become involved was to protect her home that happened to be a stop for Johnny.

The scenes involving her weren’t as impactful as watching our newest demon villain causing fights to break out in Africa or watching Lady Death resurrect armies and perform dark magic.

La Muerta is one of the strongest original franchises from Coffin, and arguably one of my personal favorites, but writers MacLean and Pulido were unable to incorporate her in a way that made the story more exciting, instead La Muerta felt more like a cameo for cameo sake.

Though a lackluster crossover event, that wasn’t enough to detract from the overall strong storylines that Pulido and MacLean continue to deliver in their flagship series. Lady Death’s travel around the world to hunt down Johnny for her own purpses and her recruitment of a witch to support herself; those elements made for an impactful dynamic.

Whereas we’re used to Lady Death’s ability to beat anyone that comes her way and being one of the strongest characters in her world, seeing how her family and friends defeat her will become one of the stronger storylines.

Pulido and MacLean managed to pull off Lady Death’s feats of strength as she overpowers Johnny with magic and herself, and we see her overpower former allies with little struggle.

Compared to previous issues, Coffin gave us the introduction of multiple new characters, alongside a lackluster cameo, resulting in an overall satisfying start to a new arc. This issues biggest strength is the clear growth and improvements from Diego and Ceci, creating one of the most beautifully illustrated and colored issues to date. Whereas the writing faltered at times, but managed to find its ground to culminate in a satisfying new story arc for the franchise.

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