Metalshade creates an instant classic through art and world building

Izik Bell and Alexa Lo have managed to create something special when they launched Metalshade. After checking out their original concept and art, the story is made clearly from the gorgeous world and art that encompasses it.

Watching the various communities and areas of Necroworld and the characters that encompass it, the series is made whole.

Watching characters jump around to catch a train through the use of a special arm, to seeing a posessed doll in a scrap heap as she rips the head off of goblins. The first venture into this world was made solely from the art, as the story felt lacking in areas.

With the small number of pages within their first issue, Bell and Lo were unable to fully isolate the overarching plot of the world they’ve created. Instead, they craft a loose idea of each main character and their roles in some capacity. We see Vexxa, who comes off as a scholarly student type, as she rushes to join a train and meet up with allies.

Meanwhile, we get Riplocke, who feels like a hero of the slums kind of character. Someone who was probably viewed as a leader amongst the youth and works with his friends to protect the children. A trope that is common among characters that look like delinquents. Riplocke was reminiscent of character like Snow Villiers from Final Fantasy 13.

Another character we meet is the mysterious director as she looks to recruit these various characters for an undisclosed reason. Instead of giving a clear motive by the end, the fist issue worked more towards giving a taste of each character and a vague concept of what we might expect to be the villain or reason for the characters to unite.

Unfortunately, the lack of a clearly defined motive made for a larger question game of what is driving each characters motives, how they’ll meet up, why they’ll join forces, and what the series hopes to accomplish at the end of their first arc.

Due to a lack of clearly defined story, the first issue feels more like a combination of good ideas without a clearly defined way on how to bring them together. This wasn’t wholly bad though as Izik Bell and Alexa Lo’s art, world and characters is enough to make you want to stay longer. The world and art was drastically different from the average comic and done in such a way that makes you want to know more about the world.

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