Harley Quinn’s final act a satisfying arc (ep11)

As the second season begins its swan song in the final arc, Harley Quinn continues to standout in an albeit predictable plotline since ep6. In the latest development, the series focuses more on Psycho’s rule over Gotham and Ivy’s wedding and doubts, while Harley comes to terms with her feelings.

Within this episode, we’re given the turning of Joker, whose existence serves to enforce Harley’s feelings about Ivy, similar to Catwoman’s role in her first appearance with Ivy. This also lends itself to some humor as Joker makes smart remarks towards Harley, resulting in her threats to blow up his head. These were some of the stronger recurring jokes in the episode.

Joker also served as a means to solve the Psycho problem, as his purpose was also to find the book containing the Justice League. This allowed for a different kind of joke as Joker gets beaten and put in his place by a single mother he had a relationship with after S1. Seeing how she has him trained and looks after him makes for funny moments because The Joker appears more like the narcissistic wimp, but now we have someone other than Harley who takes none of his abuse. Seeing somewhat of a change in Joker’s personality since S1 and Batman’s one liner about what he missed was humorous.

While Joker’s resurgence was a highlight to this episode, we also go some strong moments for Psycho’s character, playing on his alliance with Riddler and Darkseid.

During Riddler moments, we get the usual witty remarks about what he can and can’t do, while Psycho also acknowledges how fit and toned Riddler became on the hamster wheel.

Whereas the Darkseid moments gave us Psycho’s phone contacts, the mispronunciation of Darkseid’s name and Darkseid still not acknowledging Psycho. Each of these moments added to more comedic aspects of Psycho and Darkseids characters respectively, two who’ve been underused in this season. Especially with Darkseid’s frame of reference for Psycho is as the person who called Wonder Woman a bad word.

These varied moments add to what has ultimately become one of the strongest and most satisfying episodes for all involved. Even Ivy got some funny moments when she kills Parademons over the cost of a dress and attempts to kill Psycho, resulting in a predictable outcome.

While the ending they’ve laid out has become clear since the death of Bane, this seasons final episodes have given the show a strength it’d been lacking in some of the later episodes.

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