Harley Quinn S2 sets up strong finale, and teases S3 plot developments

Having conquered most of the villains who stole Gotham from an initially carefree Harley, this season has managed to develop into some stronger story aspects, as the las few episodes continue to bring about strong comedic elements, story developments and call backs to previous episodes.

Within the first few minutes, we’re greeted with Joker joking about how violence was a hallmark of his relationship with Harley, as Poison Ivy attempts to bring Psycho, Harley Quinn. This is followed up with some good Justice League moments involving Superman being able to understand all alien languages, because he’s an alien. An assumption that I wasn’t thinking about initially, but led to a well written joke.

Another strong aspect was watching each villain act more like their comic book versions, as the Trinity moves Clayface, King Shark and Ivy to different places that were important to the first half of the season. Batman defeats Clayface atop Penguins building from episode one. Wonder Woman defeats King Shark in Mr. Freeze’s lair, and Superman fights Ivy in The Riddler’s University. Each of these callbacks and sometimes subtle elements worked in favor of the show as it brought back places that were short lived and underused throughout the series.

Within this seasons narrative, it made it seem more clear that the five villains would be the focal point, only to introduce Ivy’s marriage and have the Gotham take back storyline end somewhat abruptly.

Using Ivy’s marriage and the kiss with Harley to establish the plotline for the last six episodes, leading up to the wedding between the two characters, the show also managed to hint at a potentially major plot element for the next season. Harley’s use of Darkseid in an effort to dissuade her allies about her love for Harley, she opened up a can of worms that led to Psycho’s takeover of Gotham and now a clear-cut hint at Darkseid’s war with Harley being integral for season 3.

Using Darkseid halfway through the season and finding a way to bring him into the fold, while also resurrecting Joker, brings about one of the stronger showcasing f writing in terms of finding a good way to incorporate new and bring back characters thought previously dead.

While the season has been riddled with weaker showings for other characters; Catwoman, Ms. Freeze, the entire supporting cast; the show has managed to continue what’s been a stronger finish for the series, albeit a predictable outcome since the kiss scene. Killing off the initial plotline for the sake of a two arc season, with some filler episodes made for a weaker middle half of the show, but the beginning and end have so far proven themselves to be some of the best writing and plot elements in the series so far.

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