Harley Quinn S2 finale plays on its strengths

While Harley and Ivy continue to cope with past elements of their relationship, this episode culminates in the inevitable, but with Kite
Man being the one to sever ties so that Ivy can acknowledge her own feelings. While there is no wedding between the two villains/anti-heroes, there is a un shoot out and car chase through a corn maze after the two accept their feelings for each other.

The corn maze scene was all thanks to the fun scenes with Gordon as Two-Face plays both sides. Two-Face helps Harley escape and warns her of Gordon’s plans. He also is responsible for Gordon being at the wedding. This leads to him being the sole reason for either character to be there, but Gordons being there was the strongest element of this finale, where the sidekick villains and Kite Man took a backseat on the fun.

Watching Gordon and his team dawn disguises, like a Pastor that looks like Gordon with a beard, or taking over the flower curator job; all aspects led to some fun interactions. Especially with the implied humor between Ivy’s plant and the flowers in the truck as he shouts about “pollinating.” these instances were all well played out and some o the most consistent for jokes in the series.

While the overall storyline for this season had its shortcomings, the finale and final few episodes held up the strengths of this series and even gave some more closure and introduced other characters that could have larger importance in future seasons.

Seeing Killer Frost, Killer Croc, Bane, Two-Face and more as they’re free from their own prisons or make a first showing this season, leads to a more satisfying elements of the series. Each season has added new villains or focused on a handful; season two gave us Catwoman, Zsasz, Two-Face, Bane, Killer Croc; and in doing so, it’s given us more dynamics and jokes to play off of. Now with the large amount of characters they animated for the wedding finale, we can see more characters return for future seasons. This is just one of many strengths that his series continues to showcase.

Harley Quinn’s writers ability to maintain the humor and charm of the series, while finding ways to tease and incorporate new characters to change the shows dynamics, is just one of the ways that makes this show have staying power for DCU.

With the season ended, I can’t wait to see what’s planned next for the Harley Quinn series and if it’ll be another 2 month hiatus before the next season.

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