Mercy’s Lovecraftian Horror inspired series is one of the best

Having concluded Mirka Andolfo’s first arc of her ongoing series, I as left speechless with how strong and consistent Mirka has been in this series. She’s delivered on scene setting, character designs and more as we see the evolution of an Eldritch being becoming the mother to a young girl, as a group of humans hunt her down in the town they are in. Seeing how the characters interact with each other, and the visceral nature of the death of these beings brings a new level to one of the most dynamic, nightmare fuel inducing series that’s unlike other stories I’ve read.

Within the recent issue, we see the conclusion of the first arc as the hunters come to town looking to hunt Lady Hellaine and the other creatures that inhabit the town. This brings the first of many new dynamics as we see Lady Gregor was the one who hired these people to kill the eldritch horrors around the town, resulting in the death of someone close to Hellaine.

Seeing how the series plays out and each new aspect get answered, coupled with the great horror and nostalgic aspects of this series, as its overall themes and plotlines unfold makes this something special. In earlier issues, we saw hints at some of the other creature that’s in the town and probably not Hellaine as it attacks the brothel, but now we have newer developments that’ll affect more.

What was Hellaine’s plan for moving here? Who is the beast that haunts the town? Who were the hunters sent to kill? Why do the hunters kill these creatures? Why did Lady Gregor get involved? Are there more sentient beings like Hellaine?

All of these new developments and changes to the plot make for a well conceived series and one of my favorite original concepts in comics right now. I’m loving what Andolfo has done with this series and it’s a highly recommend, as it’s one of the most consistent stories out there.

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