Persona 5 Royal Review

Better late than never to get my thoughts together on my experience with Persona 5 Royal. As the next game in Atlus's hit series, Persona, Royal played out similarly to Persona 4 Golden and third installments in Pokemon games, adding in an extra bit of content and slightly tweaking the core story. While the Royal... Continue Reading →

Winter Anime Recap

With the winter anime season behind us and the spring season starting to bloom, lets look back on the series that aired and finished earlier this month. I had a lot of anime on my plate last season with returning and continuing series; Re:Zero Director's Cut and FGO Babylonia coupled with the plethora of new... Continue Reading →

FGO Babylonia Review

FGO Babylonia or Fate Grand Order: Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia had it's long awaited conclusion last weekend. By long awaited it was definitely a much longer away than originally anticipated. Capping in at only 21 episodes instead of the full 24 or 25, it more than overstayed its welcome with constant delays and a myriad... Continue Reading →

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