Vampirella gears up for war in Vengeance #7

Sniegoski's Vengeance of Vampirella series starts off with flashback moments and runs at a fast rate, with Vampirella already beating Nyx's second in command, Hemorrhage. This results in what could've been a quick series as the last issue before shops shut down was a flashback issue. However, the seventh issue from Sniegoski proves that we're... Continue Reading →

Sonja Returns with a Vengeance (Issue 15)

After the return of comics into shops nationwide, Dynamite and Mark Russel return with the 15th issue of the ongoing run of Red Sonja and deliver both action, large story progression and some beautiful panels from Bob Q. Bob's opening shot of Khitai was the start to one of my favorite installments of this series.... Continue Reading →

More villains and more canon in Harley Quinn (S2E7)

As the show passes the halfway point, the season that's focused on Ivy's relationship and Harley's fight with the Injustice League took a turn as we reach the more recent canonical interpretation of the characters. Upon her initial inception by Paul Dini, Harley Quinn's relationship involved the clearly defined friendship between the two characters. Since... Continue Reading →

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