The Indie Comic Crowd (3/24/20)

From New to ongoing series, here's some of the great upcoming series, whose campaigns will end within a week that are worth supporting. Aurora by Sorah Suhng From artist Sorah Suhng, we're seeing a new series around Superheroes and a world without nukes. In this alternate history, nations use Superheroes as a platform to solve... Continue Reading →

Anime Hype: Spring Season

The Winter season is coming to an end and with it, we begin to approach the sequel-packed seasons of this year. With the spring season right around the corner, there are several sequel series to keep us entertained for a long time. But, there are still even more highly anticipated sequels to air this year... Continue Reading →

Changes Coming to Rekka

Wanting to be as transparent with our readers as possible, I wanted to make a post dedicated to changes you will see on our website going forward. Due to the current nature of comics and anime in general coupled with creating this blog with no monetary incentives we have currently found ourselves in a predicament,... Continue Reading →

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