Persona 5 Royal Review

Better late than never to get my thoughts together on my experience with Persona 5 Royal. As the next game in Atlus's hit series, Persona, Royal played out similarly to Persona 4 Golden and third installments in Pokemon games, adding in an extra bit of content and slightly tweaking the core story. While the Royal... Continue Reading →

Where is Bayonetta 3?

On December 12th, the 2019 Video Game Awards were held and fans were expecting a lot of huge reveals. As it so happens, Bayonetta 3 was originally announced at the VGA in December 2017 and people were dying for more information on the game. This anxiety coupled with a twitter thread that came out that... Continue Reading →

Azur Lane Hololive Event Simplified

On November 27th Azur Lane initiated their new big event, the Hololive collab on the English server. Like most major events, the game enjoys dropping several smaller events running concurrently with the main one. During the Hololive event, there are currently 5 smaller events alongside it. The sheer amount of extra content can be a... Continue Reading →

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