The Indie Comic Crowd (3/24/20)

From New to ongoing series, here's some of the great upcoming series, whose campaigns will end within a week that are worth supporting. Aurora by Sorah Suhng From artist Sorah Suhng, we're seeing a new series around Superheroes and a world without nukes. In this alternate history, nations use Superheroes as a platform to solve... Continue Reading →

The Teen Titans run into complications in #40

As the Titans kill themselves to fast-track to hell, we see an issue filled with minor character developments and a bigger twist, as the team must come to terms with what they've done. Glass and team showcase the team killing themselves to save Djinn from Purgatory, alongside a Roundhouse reference to Supernatural. After their deaths,... Continue Reading →

The Indie Comic Crowd (3/16/20)

Menagerie From Myth Division, the group behind Luminous and Alt Control Delete, Menagerie gives a different take and feel to the formula from Alien and Predator. The series revolved around a military team who abandons the war and makes a home on a planet on the galaxies outer rim. The series is a story of... Continue Reading →

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