Yondu #1: A fun Gunn inspired adventure

While Marvel comics doesn't have as much leniency as DC nor Marvel's films, they still managed to find a way to encapsulate parts of Yondu's movie persona into a 5-part mini series that connects the Guardian's version to the original source material. Marvel's first iteration of Yondu, featured the character in a Native American representation,... Continue Reading →

New Batman in Batman Beyond #37

Resulting in the addition of a new Batman, issue 37 was a slower paced introductory issue for the new arc. In this chapter, we see the batsuit get stolen and spend our time searching Gotham to find who did it, all while a Joker follower holds citizens hostage. The Story As a chapter focused on... Continue Reading →

Marauders #1:

Splitting off from the House of X and Powers of X runs, Marauders features X-Men as they travel the world to free mutants and get them to Krakoa. After getting recruited by Emma Frost, Kitty Pride assembles a crew to liberate mutants from various countries through violent means. When the team travels to Russia, Kitty... Continue Reading →

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