Arknights Launches January 16th

After its successful Closed Beta Test (CBT), Arknights is planning to release internationally on January 16th 2020. For those unaware of the mobile game, Arknights is a tower defense style strategy game created and licensed by HyperGryph, Studio Montagne and Yostar, the company behind Azur Lane. From December 24th to January 2nd, Arknights held their... Continue Reading →

Azur Lane Hololive Event Simplified

On November 27th Azur Lane initiated their new big event, the Hololive collab on the English server. Like most major events, the game enjoys dropping several smaller events running concurrently with the main one. During the Hololive event, there are currently 5 smaller events alongside it. The sheer amount of extra content can be a... Continue Reading →

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