My Hero Academia: From Manga to Anime

This lackluster season of My Hero Academia looked like it could finally be improving after the 8th and 9th episodes but continued to bare its flaws in the most recent episode this weekend. Despite picking up after 8 episodes in, the series continually missteps below mediocrity. For starters, let's state the obvious that the different... Continue Reading →

Your Weekly Anime Recap #2

Arc conclusions, suspense building and full-blown emotions brimming to the surface, the episodes of this week had it all. Toss in a bit of confusion and then you have the complete recipe for this recent week of anime. Lets shift focus to what anime really attracted attention this week both positive and negative. Granblue Fantasy... Continue Reading →

Your Weekly Anime Recap

It's commonplace to see anime shifting in popularity as the weeks go by. Some episodes are just better than others and some anime offer a spectacular episode that dethrones the number one anime for the week. Popularity is a fickle thing but there is always a strong reason as to why these shifts occur and... Continue Reading →

Anime Recommendations for Fall 2019

Every season brings with it dozens of new shows mixed in with returning and ongoing series with an already pre-established popularity and viewership. This mix always makes the initial rush a bit chaotic and some shows completely overshadow others, while some of the newer series go unnoticed or forgotten. Sure, we could have watched our... Continue Reading →

The Isekai Madness of Fall 2019

With the start of a new season it has become a tradition that there will be a vast amount of new isekai anime to follow. From what My Anime List reports, there is around 6 of them this season, including SAO Alicization. There is so many every season that it has become recognized as its... Continue Reading →

The Problems Holding My Hero Back

Just as the title of the article states, it's time to delve into controversial territory. With the fourth season debuting this Fall, I think now is the best time to address the issues that have been ongoing around the insanely popular series. The My Hero Academia anime has been ongoing for roughly three years now... Continue Reading →

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