Deus Ex Machina Flash, issue #87

After Barry arrests himself, Joshua Williamson delivers a single issue arc for the sake of curing Barry and his allies. While I was hoping for more development, we got nothing instead. This issue gives larger amount of dedication to rehashing the past of Barry and Cold, than it does developing a new arc. Within the... Continue Reading →

Flash makes tough call at end of arc

With an arc focused heavily on Captain Cold, The Flash ended this past week with an average issue, resulting in an impactful outcome. Within one issue, we see Barry defeat Captain Cold in their one-on-one fight. Also within that moment, we see Colds powers quickly wear off, long enough for the rogues to become freed... Continue Reading →

Flash 84 introduces its wincon

As the flash Family struggles to maintain their powers in the wake of Captain Cold's overwhelming might, the team has a run in with their next rogue, Weather Wizard. At first the team is hesitant to accept the help, which results in the destruction of their inhibitors and a beautiful art sequence by Christian Duce.... Continue Reading →

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