Sonja Returns with a Vengeance (Issue 15)

After the return of comics into shops nationwide, Dynamite and Mark Russel return with the 15th issue of the ongoing run of Red Sonja and deliver both action, large story progression and some beautiful panels from Bob Q. Bob's opening shot of Khitai was the start to one of my favorite installments of this series.... Continue Reading →

The Accomplishments of Red Sonja (issue 14)

In the latest issue from Mark Russel, we see multiple important developments as Hyrkania's queen seeks to find a solution to her people's suffering. At first, we see her allies in Hyrkania attempt to resolve the food shortage, an issue created by the war with Zamora; Wherein Sonja burned the land to hinder her enemies.... Continue Reading →

March Comic Hype

March looks to be a very slow month for new comics in general so we have decided in order to continue on tradition, we are going to include continuations of some series that we really loved as well as the few new series that we are looking forward to. These are the issues this month... Continue Reading →

Red Sonja, the King Killer

As Sonja looks forward from the death of Dragan, she sets her sight on Khitai, a kingdom looking to maintain power. Within this kingdom, we receive word from a prince seeking to expedite his coronation to become King, so that he may have the power to crush the killer of kings, Red Sonja. During this... Continue Reading →

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