The Teen Titans run into complications in #40

As the Titans kill themselves to fast-track to hell, we see an issue filled with minor character developments and a bigger twist, as the team must come to terms with what they've done. Glass and team showcase the team killing themselves to save Djinn from Purgatory, alongside a Roundhouse reference to Supernatural. After their deaths,... Continue Reading →

Titans breaks the bird out of its cage

With the past 3 episodes having a focus on Dick staying in prison while giving some details on where the other Titans are, we finally got larger developments this episode, while still needing to cover for other plots. In its first development, Titans showcases all of the women of the team joining up, except ravager,... Continue Reading →

Return of Starfire arc in latest Titans

As Dick comes clean about his past history with Jericho, we see teammates pair up as one by one they leave Titans Tower due to Dick's past. This results in allowing for multiple storylines to be returned to and developed more, while some characters are forgotten for the rest of the episode.

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