Vampirella gears up for war in Vengeance #7

Sniegoski's Vengeance of Vampirella series starts off with flashback moments and runs at a fast rate, with Vampirella already beating Nyx's second in command, Hemorrhage. This results in what could've been a quick series as the last issue before shops shut down was a flashback issue. However, the seventh issue from Sniegoski proves that we're... Continue Reading →

Strongest Vampirella issue with #7

After Victory's arrest in the last issue, due to events set forth by Vampirella's mom, Christopher Priest delivers his strongest arc by hitting the ground running. While on vacation, Vampirella and Benny are introduced to Leger, a mysterious person who appears to know more about the island than he gives off. Priest establishes Leger as... Continue Reading →

Vampirella begins anew in 2020

As chapter six concludes, Priest begins a rebirth of sorts as we see changes for multiple character arcs. In the first arc, we see the relationship dynamic between Vampirella and Shelly change, we see Nyx lose her humanity, Victory get arrested, and Vampirella 's relationship change with Benny. During the first few pages, Priest focuses... Continue Reading →

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